Youth Build 2019

Our community is teaming with exceptional young leaders, and this summer, we are hosting the Second Annual Habitat Summer Youth Build to put those young leaders into action!

This year, we would like to plan our summer even earlier with a committee led by local students who can help recruit the volunteers needed to build in June, July, and August. We are seeking two volunteers from each high school in Moore County to participate and serve as the liaison for their school. The home will be funded by our annual gala, so no fundraising is required. The committee volunteers will be asked to recruit small groups of volunteers (10-15 people) for 6 workdays on our construction site and 6 workdays in our ReStore. Youth under the age of 16 can volunteer in the ReStore, and those 16 and older can volunteer in both the ReStore and on the construction site.

Including key volunteer roles with Habitat for Humanity on college or employment applications can be beneficial to students as they apply for opportunities beyond your school – we hope you can help us identify the best candidates to serve in this role.

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Building on a Habitat site is a safe and positive way to put your passion for helping others into action at a local level – and for many, it is a first chance to understand the crisis of housing insecurity and the need for affordable housing even in a community as relatively wealthy as Moore County. Whether a youth signs up to come just for a single day, or decides to make Habitat a habit for the summer, he or she will make a real difference for a family – please share your great young leaders with us, and help make this project a success!

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Camisha at Closing

Camisha purchased the home she built alongside local youth last summer with an affordable mortgage that will allow her to provide a better future for her children. Can your school help Habitat develop local, young leaders who can build a home for another family this summer?