Apostles Build 2022

2022 Pastor's Day

Presently we witness Ofelia Lopez, the 2021 Apostles Build homeowner and Shanetta Strong, the Apostles Build 2022 homeowner.  Both head up households with two children.  Both work full time. However, until linking with Habitat, homeownership was not possible.  Now it is.

A look around reveals many Habitat communities in Moore County.  Some go back thirty plus years.  These may have twenty or so homes and some are just a community of one home.  These residences support the larger community by say of payment of property taxes.  These communities are well maintained and inviting.  They have produced college graduates, business owners and town council members.  All share in the pride of home ownership.

By supporting one family at a time and by helping to sustain communities over time, Habitat’s mission is involved in bringing “Thy Kingdom to earth as it is in Heaven.”  A floor in a Habitat home is literally a platform for growth as is indicated by the successes noted above.

World Visions’ Richard Stearns writes in The Hole in our Gospel about the big picture of world poverty, associated with hunger, lack of access to potable water and adequate healthcare.  We encourage People of Faith to continue supporting efforts to combat these ills.  However, your support of Habitat’s mission helps to move families up the ladder and out of dispiriting dependency.

Milton S. Hershey, yes the chocolate maker, constructed his utopian town of Hershey, PA based on the concept of homeownership.  He observed that homeowners took pride in their property and community.  He sold houses to his workers, he did not rent.  This was and is truly foundational.

Come join us on a Habitat build site where you will experience joyful, loving and Spirit led people of faith, engaged in providing a hand up.  We pray to start the day but we don’t proselytize except with our hands and feet, just as St. Francis would want us to do.

Consider adding your church to this list.  To do so contact Dan Joslin at 910-295-1799 or danjoslin2@aol.com

Our Family Partner

The 2022 Apostles Build is proud to sponsor Shanetta Strong and her family.  Her twins,  Anna and Elijah, are seniors in high school who have already launched a career giving back to their community and country. Anna is currently part of ROTC and plans on enlisting in the Army after High School. Her brother, Elijah, is a current junior firefighter and plans on making it a full-time career.

Shanetta has lived in Richmond County for six years and works for the Rockingham Housing Authority. As the only child of Shirley Strong, Shanetta and her mom are very close. Shirley encouraged her daughter to apply to the Habitat Homeowner program. Both enjoy volunteering on the build site and in the ReStore.

Shanetta says she is thankful for her Habitat Home and hopes to pass it on to her children. In the meantime, she will have a guaranteed affordable mortgage payment which allows her to focus on the future of her family and legacy.

Our Apostles Build Sponsors

Aberdeen First Baptist Church

Bethesda Presbyterian

Christ Community

Community Presbyterian

Eagle Springs FBC

Grace Church

Pinehurst FBC

Sacred Heart Catholic

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