Habitat Gala Update - Pinckney Construction Pathways Program

All great things at Habitat start with partnership. Our partners in this special build include Pinckney Academy , Sandhills Community College and the Town of Carthage . Council members voted enthusiastically to donate a piece of property to this project to provide a nearby location for the build. Moore County Schools and Sandhills are joined forces to develop a certification tailored to this project with opportunities for other community colleges to use in North Carolina in the future. We cannot say enough about the staff leaders at Moore County Schools and Pinckney – their passion for their students is inspiring, and we are eager to build with all of them!

Most students at the school have been unsuccessful in traditional high schools and classrooms. There are many reasons behind their struggles, but like everyone, they have a desire to prove they can contribute to their community. Through the Pinckney Build, the students will learn to build a home together, utilizing a curriculum designed to teach construction basics and provide hands-on learning throughout the year. Upon completion, the home will be sold to the Jontue Lee family upon completion with a guaranteed affordable mortgage like all other Habitat homes.

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It certainly is magical when volunteers work side-by-side with our future homeowners, our magnificent construction team and our amazing general contractor, Farrah Newman ...

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