Gold Hammer Society

Members investment has led the way in affordable housing in the Sandhills, and Habitat is excited to recognize their dedication to creating safe and affordable housing for hardworking families. Our annual Habitat Gala and Auction is a tremendous night of celebration for Habitat. We recognized the efforts of special supporters and others who have earned the title of “Golden Hammer Society Members” who have generously provided financial gifts toward Habitat’s mission of at least $30,000 over time. This specific amount is special to Habitat as it represented the cost to build one of our homes 30 years ago. Although costs have increased over time, this still represents a significant investment in the hand up model.

Each year at our annual gala, we will induct our newest Golden Hammer members. We hope you will consider joining this dedicated group of Habitat supporters to further the mission of building homes, communities, and hope for the hardworking families of the Sandhills!

Thank you to the following Gold Hammer Society Members!

Leland Jr. and Ellen Airs
Robert and Elaine Baillie
Jeff and Kay Beran
Richard and Nancy Blum
William and Patsy Bonsal
James and Mary Connell
Donald Lloyd Cutler
Carol B. Dabbs
Leonard and Rita DiNapoli
Timothy and Marjorie Dwyer
Penny Enroth
Robert and Anne Friesen
Joyce C. Hunt
Joseph and Suzanne Kelly
W.D. and Sharon King
Michael and Susan LaGraff
Janet B. Lowry
Lawrence and Toni Lyerly
Clara McLean

Dale K. Peterson
Freida Powers
John and Florence Ramey
William and Mary Rammes
Robert and Peggy Raney
Dorothy Shoellenberger
Joseph F. Sirotek
Wil and Janet Staub
Russell and Anthea Tate
Charles and Lisa Tew
Virginia S. Thatcher
Daphne Ture
John and Judy Van Steenberg
Warren and Marie Walk
Helen T. Waram
Conley and Patricia Williams
Richard and Joan Wolstenholme
Gwendolyn E. Zimmerman