More about the Lopez Family

We at Habitat of the Sandhills are blessed to be able to help Ofelia Lopez’s quest to own a home. The faith community is also blessed to be able to contribute to this mission. We are all blessed with God’s grace in abundance that is beyond all comprehension. Now let’s meet this amazing young woman and her children.

Ofelia grew up in Moore County and attended primary and elementary schools here. She then went to live and work on her family farm in Mexico, about a three-hour drive outside Mexico City. The family has a vegetable farm where hard work in very modest circumstances is given. Ofelia and hard work are virtually synonyms. She graduated high school in her hometown in Mexico and soon returned to her home here in Moore County.

She currently works hard at First Health of the Carolinas in the cardiac telemetry department. She has been in this position for about three years, having seen the opportunity to improve her employment situation by moving out of housekeeping services. Before that, she worked at a small construction company in Robbins that built house trailers.

Ofelia and her children Jaxson, six years old, and Luna, three years old, are very excited about moving into a house that Ofelia will purchase from Habitat. She will complete fifteen hours of basic training in maintaining a house. Then she will contribute three hundred hours of sweat equity by working on the construction of her home. After that, she will take on a thirty-year mortgage.

We have all been blessed. Ofelia shared with us; she feels blessed to be here in the United States. One fundamental reason is for indoor plumbing and drawing fresh water out of a faucet. These are not part of Ofelia’s living circumstances on her family farm in Mexico.